Welcome to the members area, if you have any questions or suggestions about content which should be added or is missing please contact the webmaster.


Who is this area for?

This area is intended for our members and parents of the group and its there to support them. It aims to put things at your finger-tips so you can get on with things, when you need to, whatever the time of day.


What’s not here?

Certain information is sensitive and not on the website, for example the group directory with everyone’s contact details in it. There’s also a few others and you will have to email to get hold of stuff like this if you haven’t already received it via circulation.


Make it better!

This area can be even more useful with your help. What else should we include? What gem do you know that could be shared? What frustrates you every time you look for it? Email your comments and ideas to webmaster.

Volunteer time is special and we’d all prefer it to be with our young people. Our hope is that this area saves you some time, however little, to spend with them, giving them fun, friendship and adventures.